All rooms are Japanese style
Wi-Fi, Air-conditioned, Telephone, Television,
Towel, Yukata(a cotton kimono), Toothbrush and a hair drier.

Japanese Style Room
Room type
Number of Rooms
Without Bath/Toilet
10 Rooms
With Bath/Toilet
2 Rooms
For 1 person
(4,5 Tatami mat)
For 2 persons
(6 Tatami mat)
For 3 persons
(8 Tatami mat)
(Room rates depend on the number of people using room.)

You may cancel your reservation at no cost by notifying us before the day prior to your planned arrival.
If you fail to do this, you will be charged a fee based on the stated daily rate plus tax as follows:
Cancellation on the day of planned arrival - 80%, no arrival - 100%.

Breakfast (from 7:30 to 9:00)
Western style \440

Coffee and Tea is free !!

(Consumption Tax 10% included)




Traditional Japanese Inn RYOKAN SAWANOYA
Address 2-3-11,Yanaka,Taito-Ku,Tokyo, 110-0001 JAPAN
Phone 81(Japan)-3(Tokyo)-3822-2251
Facsimile 81(Japan)-3(Tokyo)-3822-2252